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Garden Stories – Planting with Lucy – Part One

Hey, it’s Lucy here, from Lucy’s Garden, I’m super excited to be sharing my first ‘planting with Lucy’ blog! Over the next few months I will be sharing some of my planting design ideas which you could use to “Bring a little Chelsea” to your garden… It’s all about the clever use of pots to dress any outside space.

Since we are all spending more time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to roll up our sleeves and get creative in your outside area to create a tranquil space.

Think of planting a lot like fashion – although there are always the latest styles and trends, we still have to adapt them to our own individual taste to reflect our personalities.

Granted, some colours work better with others, but remember there are no written rules or plant police!

Here are some of my personal favourites which can offer long lasting summer colour, beautiful fragrant flowers and everlasting textual interest.

Burnham Vintage Planter 

Size(s): Small, Medium, Large

Plants featured:

Large: Laurus Nobilis 

Medium: Agapanthus Snow White

Small: Hosta ‘Fire and Ice’


These classic vintage planters are a must have in any outside space. They work as a stunning standalone pot or for big impact, why not go for the trio. They are super versatile with their lightweight form and robust handles; you can easily move them around your outside space constantly changing up and redesigning your area.

I have selected a combination of evergreen and perennial plants which will offer floral impact and year-round foliage. Keeping in with their classic design, I have kept the colour pallet chic and contemporary with simply rich ‘green and white’ tones.

For the larger planter, I selected a deliciously striking Bay Tree. It has wonderful deep rich vibrant green leathery leaves which can be cut and shaped to offer form and evergreen interest. Not only does this specimen have delicate cream flowers in spring you can also use its flavoursome leaves in your cooking – win win.

For the medium planter, I opted for the stunning Agapanthus Snow White. This is one of my personal favourites, I just love its understated evergreen strappy foliage, set off by the overstated burst of colour – like fireworks – that spring into life throughout summer.

Finally – sitting perfectly between the two, I have used the Hosta Fire and Ice to dress the small planter. With its clean white and dark green variegated leaves, it unifies the whole elegant planting scheme. So if you are looking to dress or create some elegant drama in an area which gets the majority of sunshine, why not give this beautiful combination a try.