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Garden Stories – Planting with Lucy – Part Two

I hope you all enjoyed my previous blog post on how to bring a little Chelsea to your garden. I’m back with more inspiration ideas to help you create your own perfect garden space!

Keswick Vintage Zinc Planter
Size(s): Small, Extra Small
Plants featured:
Small: Hosta ‘Halycon’
Extra Small: Hosta ‘Blue Cadet’

These vintage zinc planters will make a welcome addition to any outside space. So If you are looking to dress any courtyard or balcony or looking to add height and drama within an existing border – why not give these a try? Their timeless look, coupled with a lightweight form make them a perfect pair, easily repositioned to freshen up any area. In the theme of timeless, less is more. I gravitated towards the same plant but in two very distinct varieties which do not compete but complement each other perfectly.

First off we have the handsome Hosta ‘Halcyon’ in the small Vintage planter. The Halcyon has gorgeous thick structural blue-green leaves, which almost look powder coated.  Standing side by side, is its perfect partner Hosta ‘Blue Cadet’. The ‘Blue Cadet’ does not shy away from its name, with its splendid unique blue leaves. They also harmonise by not only sharing the same leaf profile, but through their lavender-grey, bell-shaped flowers, which burst into life during Summer.

If you are looking for some plant-spration for a shaded area, why not give a Hosta a home? Just remember though, their scrumptious textual foliage is not just appetizing to the eye – they are a delightful feast for slugs and snails, so planting these in pots and raising them off the ground, can lessen the chances of your plants being on the menu.