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You have three options of ordering;
By Email to [email protected]
Telephone: 01366 381069
You can also ask for additional information by completing the contact us page or via Live Chat.

Our circular reservoirs come in 3 sizes, 70cm, 87cm and 114cm. The dimensions of each reservoir are as follows: 70cm = 70cm top diameter x 36cm deep (holds 90 litres) 87cm = 87cm top diameter x 32cm deep (holds 180 litres) 114cm = 114cm top diameter x 35cm deep (holds 330 litres).

We supply and instruction sheet with each water feature. The basic procedure is to dig a hole, install a concrete base (leave to dry min 24hrs) insert the reservoir tub, fill the up with water and then backfill around the tub with concrete. ALWAYS allow all concrete to dry thoroughly before installing the water feature.

As a guide allow 12cm deeper than the depth of the reservoir tub, then approximately 10cm extra all the way around the tub.

Our reservoirs are not designed to stand alone, they must be concreted in, they are not strong enough to stand alone with a water feature on top and support the weight.

10 metres

In total you have 7 metres of cable. From the light to the transformer there is 5 metres and from the transformer to the plug there is a further 2 metres.

No you don’t, our water features recirculate a body of water from the reservoir and up through the feature.

Water levels must always be kept topped up, this can be poured directly into reservoir through the access hatch.

If the water levels get too low, the pump will stop working and can cause damage to the pump.

This is dependant on climate and water levels.

Please keep your reservoir topped up with water at all times.

Foras Chlorine tablets can be used to clean and maintain your water features. Chlorine will not damage or hurt the stone. (please note Chlorine is a hazardous substance. (Foras do not take any responsibility for misuse of chemicals). We cannot provide advice on regular chlorine products.

For safe use and instructions please purchase a Foras chlorine kit.

If your water feature has had an algae build up, please contact us for further advice as it is tailored to the severity of the algae and your water feature.

There is a difference of opinion as to what causes this.

One thought is that it could be iron content leaving the stone however this redness occurs more during the summer months so the argument is if it is iron deposits why doesn’t it leach in the winter?

The 2nd thought is that it is caused from pollutants and nitrates in the air which are more prevalent during the summer months.

A honed natural stone is smooth to the touch.

A natural stone has a raw texture and has not been smoothed out by a honing process.

Water Feature Troubleshooting

This can happen with more modern fuse boards, if ever in doubt when wiring in electrical products always seek the advice of a qualified electrician.

Turn the pump off. Check that the inlet is clear of debris, bath the pump in clean, fresh water. Restart pump. If it is still noisy, you may need to replace the impellar. Please call Foras for advice.

Use your flow valve to control your water pressure and flow rate.

Reach down into your reservoir, through the access hatch, and check that the pump inlet is clear and free from debris and that the pump is on its highest setting.

Sometimes these can be a little stiff to turn, do not apply heavy pressure, the flow adjuster will not need electricity to run.

Call Foras, if it is less than 2 years old it may be covered under warranty. Your pump will only be covered if it has not stopped working due to misuse or maltreatment. We offer two routes to return a pump, either send us the pump and allow us to send it in turn to the manufacturer for inspection and wait for the outcome or buy a new pump, then send back the non-working one for return and inspection. If the pump is found to be faulty the cost of your new pump will be refunded. Details of the guarantee scheme are shown above.

We do not supply solar powered pumps as they do not have enough power or reliability to successfully work with our features. We are always developing our products and may be able to use a solar pump in the future.

The pump comes with several adaptors in the box, use these to connect your pipe to your pump.

We supply 2 sizes of pipe with our water features, 16mm and 19mm. The 16mm pipe fits up the inside of the light (this is a very tight fit and it can help to chamfer the end of the pipe as well as twisting anti-clockwise). The 19mm pipe fits over the hosetail of the light.

No, the lights are connected to the mains via a standard 240V connection. There is no timer.

The light and the pump have separate plugs so can be used independently of each other.

Yes, the pump and the light will each require a standard 3 pin plug point.

The standard cable on the light is 5m. This can be increased with an extension cable; we do sell these separately. The extension cable is 6m long.

Check the light and transformer for damage. Ensure that the light and transformer are properly connected. If the problem persists, call Foras.

Ensure that the light is accessible, in the case of Fusion/Hebe/Athena/Neptune remove the globe before attempting to remove the light and also remove the jubilee clip on the hose beneath the light. Unplug the light from the transformer. Disconnect the pipe from the pump. Pull the light upward and away from the feature, you may need another person to guide the pipe/cable through the feature via the access hatch in the reservoir grate. To install the new light repeat the removal procedure in reverse.

The light module comes as one piece, unfortunately individual LEDs cannot be replaced.

We do not currently offer a solar powered light for our water features.

Check that the water is not migrating across your pebbles. Move the pebbles so that none are in contact with the feature stone. If the problem persists, check that your green mesh has been trimmed properly and is not extending beyond the inside edge of the reservoir tub itself. Ensure there are no leaves or debris on the pebbles, they can prevent water from going back into the tub. It is extremely rare for a correctly installed reservoir tub to leak.

Go to and order some Chlorine tablets, if the stone has extreme algae grown you may need a Chlorine cleaning kit.

This is common, wait for the ball to fill completely, if need be help the pump by filling the ball from the top with a hosepipe. Once the ball is full it should seat on the gasket and form a seal.

Use washing up liquid (pot provided) to lubricate the gasket.

Each Rainbow stone is completely unique, if you choose a stone from our garden, the stone you have chosen is what you will receive. However a stone from stock will have random colouration and markings.

Please inspect your water feature as soon as you receive it. Any damages or missing items must be reported with 14 days, please provide proof of damages via email with photographs. Some superficial scratches can be easily removed with wet and dry sandpaper. This will not effect the appearance of the sphere when the water feature is running. Sometimes a stone may appear to be cracked, however due the the nature of sandstone there may be quartz and strata lines present. These are a natural feature of the stone and are not faults or damage. Please test the line by touching it, if you can catch your fingernail in the line and are still concerned please email Foras pictures for assessment.