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The 5 best ways to make your garden bird & bee friendly

Did you know that there are many ways to make flying creatures feel at home around you?


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5 of the Best Ways to Make Your Garden Bird-Friendly: Welcome to Diversity
Do you consider birds to be nature’s messengers? We certainly do! Most birds have been sending us loud and clear messages for a long time telling us about the devastating impacts of climate change and their habitat loss. Unfortunately, these dangers will only grow over time.

In the face of these threats, you can help them live long and happy lives right where you live. Wondering how? – By helping them feel at home. These are the best 5 ways to make your garden bird friendly.


5 Ways to Make Your Garden Bird-Friendly

1. Do your research & find the most suitable plants
Look around you and observe, try to find natural areas nearby with similar conditions to your garden to see what’s growing and what birds are around. Aim for a wide diversity of plants and you will be rewarded with a wide diversity of birds. Simple as that!



2. Minimise the lawn
Rarely does nature create rectangular patches of low, monoculture grass like the perfect suburban lawn. Therefore, try to create undulating edges around your garden as much as possible, this way you can increase the amount of edge habitat where woods, shrubs, or gardens transition into more open space.

We advise you to plant some sheltering, dense shrubs as well as shorter flowers and low shrubs.

Try to include at least one bird feeder in your garden and keep it stocked all through the year. Birds need feeding all year round!

Read this interesting yet instructive article if you wonder why birds aren’t coming to your feeder.


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3. Save the trees
Apart from the fact that they take a long time to grow, your trees play a key role as a resting, feeding, nesting, and sheltering place for many birds. That is why saving trees is one of the ways to make your garden bird friendly.

After all, trees provide shade and cool your garden, like huge, yet natural air conditioners.


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4. Create mini shelters for wildlife
Try to dedicate at least a few areas of your space to wildlife foraging and nesting, as this really is one of the best ways to make your garden bird friendly. Make sure that the area is not disturbed by noise, people, cats, or dogs.

To learn more, take a peek into their world, note the species of birds, and research what plants and nesting sites they need to encourage them to spend more time in those places.



5. Add a water feature
If you have the space or opportunity to add a pond, believe us, soon your garden will be flooded with all kinds of flying creatures. Have you ever thought that wild ducks and ducklings looking for a place to nest might reward you with their arrival right in your garden?


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If you don’t have that much space, you can add a simple birdbath; it will be great refreshment for all small birds. Try to place it somewhere near bushes or other shelters for easy protection. Read ‘Tips to Find the Best Place to Put Your Birdbath’ for further advice.


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To Conclude
Although natural landscapes provide the ideal combination of food and shelter for wild birds, adding bird habitat to any human environment will help your avian friends.

These were our top 5 ways to make your garden bird friendly. Try them out and let us know the results!


Author’s bio . . . Tony Manhart is the founder and editor in chief at GardeningdreamTony’s enthusiasm and rich experience in all things related to growing plants has led him to share his knowledge with gardening aficionados all over the world. When he is not working around his garden, Tony spends his time writing tips and tricks on various subjects related to plant cultivation and soil maintenance.

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