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How to Choose the Right Planter Size for Your Plants?

Check this article and learn how to choose the right planter size for your plants, 3 tips to consider.

Honestly, living with minimal garden space can be quite a challenge, but thanks to container gardening, this hobby is slowly becoming accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the space they have.

Since you came here to seek some advice, we assume you got a new plant, hence congratulations! Welcome to the first step of PLANThood, repotting. Keep reading and find out how to choose the right planter size for your plants.


How to Choose the Right Planter Size for Your Plants?
Browse our selection of metal, slate and stone planters which come in a variety of sizes, each will fit specific plants perfectly. So, regardless of whether you are looking for a planter for indoor or outdoor plants, pay attention to its size. Here’s what you need to know.

Know How to Measure
In order to choose the right size, you must first know how the planter is measured. Some containers can have the same diameter without being the same at all. For example, some round planters are measured in diameters, and some in potting litres.

Do your research so you can make the right decision.


2.  Consider the Size of the Roots
Have you ever noticed how some plants need a much larger planter than you would assume looking at the plant? The reason has more to do with what’s happening to the part your eyes can’t see, the roots. Plants generally prefer when pots are at least 5cm larger in diameter than the plant.


3.  Find the Right Height
Planters come in different heights, and the reason is very simple, not every plant has the same size root system. So, how to choose the right planter size for your plants? Short and wide planters are ideal for plants with shallow roots, while tall, narrow planters are perfect for plants with deep root systems.



Optimum Planter Size
Given that they come in a variety of sizes, the ideal planter depends on the plant itself as well as how many plants it is intended for. Let’s go into detail!

Since they can hold about 13 litres of potting soil, 25cm and under pots are ideal for small fruits, herbs, and flowers like strawberries, chives, parsley, small carrots, and flowers like marigolds and zinnias. Explore our Myrtle and Cardamom Wall Planters, our Small Slate and Snuffle Troughs and our Reki, Hibiscus and Croxton freestanding planters.

25cm to 35cm pots are great for growing leafy vegetables and larger herbs such as cabbage, carrots, spinach, kale, rosemary, or lavender. Look at our Burnham and Keswick planters and our Medium Slate and Snuffle Troughs.

35cm to 45cm pots work well for smaller fruit plants, such as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and tomatoes as well as shrubs, cacti, and dwarf citrus trees.

Since they can hold larger amounts of soil, 45cm to 60cm pots are ideal for keeping plants with extensive root systems. It is only important to make sure that the pot itself is high enough because the roots of the trees grow downwards. Fig and peach trees and ornamental shrubs such as hydrangeas are a perfect fit for this size. Our Zafar, Copper Beech, Form, Cubis and Urli planters provide a great selection, for something heavier, please look at our Slate Box Planters and Large Troughs.

Over 60cm pots are huge by any standard and are mostly used as nursery pots for trees that will eventually go into the ground. Full trees such as pears and apples are usually kept in them, the only thing that is important is that they are fertilized regularly. We are hoping to introduce a range of supersize resin planters in the future, to keep up to date with Foras and be the first to know lease sign up to our mailing list!

That’s it, now you know how to choose the right planter size for your plants.

Although growing plants, be it fruit or vegetables can be a great hobby, it does require some knowledge. Therefore, we hope you will check out some of our other articles, we believe you will find here the best tips and tricks related to your new plant.


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