Tulip Sculpture / Planter


Weight 100 kg

Dimensions cm

Diameter 40 cm

*excludes bespoke & personalised orders & selected outlet products


Tulip Rainbow Sandstone Sculpture / Planter is created from a single block of highest quality, rainbow sandstone.

The design is based on that of the tulip blossoming with each petal intricately carved, and adds an intriguing piece of art to your outside space that is sure to grab attention!

The stone’s inherent beauty can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a garden or outdoor space.

Available in a choice of 2 heights: 60cm and 75cm, each one includes a drainage hole should you wish to use it as a planter.

Please Note: Natural stone is a product of nature and as such no two are the same. There will be variations in colour, pattern, texture and veining. These differences are part of the beauty of sandstone.

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Indian sandstone, with its natural beauty and durability, makes an excellent choice for planters. Its varied colors and textures can complement a wide range of plants and garden designs.

Known for its ability to withstand diverse weather conditions. This makes sandstone planters suitable for outdoor use, providing longevity and minimal maintenance.

Sandstone planters are suitable for a wide range of plants. The porous nature of the stone allows for good drainage, promoting a healthy environment for plants.

Indian sandstone planters are not only popular in India but are also sought after globally for landscaping and garden design projects.

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Delivery Criteria

Heavier stone items will be packaged in a heavy duty, wooden crate which will require a steel leverage bar to open them.

Delivery lead times are usually within 5-7 working days from time of order however this can be extended during particularly busy periods.

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