Waterbox 870 Portable Reservoir Solution


Please Note: The lead times on our Waterbox Portable Reservoir Solutions are approximately 4 – 6 weeks from time of order.

The perfect solution for anybody who doesn’t want to dig, our water boxes provide a portable reservoir solution.

There is no manual install giving you the opportunity to place a water feature anywhere, even inside.

What makes it so special is you can now have a water feature on your patio without having to pull up any flooring, it would also be ideal for events as you can have a full-sized water feature set up with just the need for a power point.

To make the box more special we clad it with Foras Porcelain in warm or cool tones.

Available in three Porcelain finishes, this waterbox is compatible with the following water features-

Aphrodite 60 Water Feature Kit,

Belmont 30 Water Feature Kit Rainbow,

Belmont 40 Water Feature Kit, 

Belmont 40 Water Feature Kit Slate,

Copper Boule Water Feature Kit,

Corten 75 Ball Water Feature Kit,

Fusion 45 Water Feature Kit,

Fusion 60 Water Feature Kit,

Sea Salt 75 Water Feature Kit,

Sea Salt 90 Water Feature Kit,

Sturgeon 75 Water Feature Kit Slate and the Sturgeon 100 Water Feature Kit Slate

Foras are always on hand with Advice and Support when you purchase one of our water features, we have also put together some Frequently Asked Questions to assist you. If you do not find the information you require in any of these areas or within our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to contact us.


80 kg




Specific components supplied with your Water Feature Kit which are fit for purpose

Larger reservoirs for larger products

Installation instructions and full technical support with every product

Manufacturers component parts warranties

Highest grade natural stone which reflects in the strata and patination

Hardwired pumps (not solar) for better, consistent water flow and effect

Support components included for heavier water features

We produce and import our own goods, we are not a third party distributor

We hold stock you don’t have to wait

2 amazing Norfolk showrooms for you to see our water features running

Visit us to choose your personal piece

Bespoke and personalisation options available

Individual flow valves to create your required flow speed

Marine grade steel components fabricated uniquely to Foras

High quality and reliable German engineered pumps

Waterbox 870 Portable Reservoir Solution