Small Bird Pebble Perch


Why not add a selection of pebbles to your Foras Bird Bath to make the feature more appealing to our smaller feathered friends.

With basins several centimetres in depth, our Flight and Acorn Bowls are great for mid-sized or larger birds, as well as robins, who will happily hop in. Smaller birds, like chicakdees and warblers, may need a little more encouragement! By adding a few of our sandstone, granite or quartzite pebbles to your feature, you can create a perch where even the smallest bird can stand and bathe happily.

Available in a variety of sandstones, granites and quartzite, pick the pebbles which you think would best accessorise your bird bath.

Pair your pebble perch with any of our Foras Bird Baths, including the Rainbow Flight Bowl, Shark Acorn Bowl or Shark Flight Bowl

If you are looking to order over 10kg of pebbles, a more cost effective option would be our 20kg bags-
Rainbow Sandstone Pebbles
Shark Sandstone Pebbles
Norfolk Blue Pebbles
Grey Granite Pebbles
White Quartzite Pebbles

Please Note – Weight is approximate and dependent on the pebble type selected

Please Note – Bowl is not included. The price quoted is for the pebbles ONLY!


5 kg

Small Bird Pebble Perch