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Norfolk Spirit

norfolk spirit

Building a business from the ground up is hard work, and for many people it is the pinnacle of their personal achievement, truly a labour of love. 2020 was the year nobody expected, but businesses fought past every setback, adapting and adjusting to keep forging ahead. It became clear that to succeed in this new reality we would all have to stick together. So Foras decided to collaborate with two Norfolk brands to offer mutual support.



We reached out to Bullards gin, a company close to the heart as the Bullard family were one of our very first customers back in 2007. Since then, the Bullard’s themselves have gone on to reclaim their historic family business, which dates back to 1837.

They have focused on producing the finest gin, which is handcrafted locally in Norwich, Norfolk and is available in four delicious artisan varieties. Due to the purity of their ingredients and their incredible recipes Bullards gin have won multiple prizes, including Distillery of the Year and six Global Gin Guide awards.

The gin comes in beautiful bottles, their shape inspired by the iconic Bullards chimney that stood proudly over Norwich for more than 100 years. Each bottle is uniquely hand labelled and will become a treasured item in any drinker’s cabinet. A Bullards bottle is for life, as the innovative company offers refill pouches to minimise their impact to the environment.


Wild Knight

One of the first companies to support us at the beginning of our journey was a small marketing firm, owned and run by a couple named Steph and Matt, indeed without their input there would be no ‘Foras’ at all as they were integral in helping us choose the name!

Over time their journey has taken them from marketing to distilling their own spirits and in 2010 the Wild Knight Distillery was born. With a collection of both vodka and gin, as well as vodka liqueurs, Wild Knight encompasses the true essence of ‘Norfolk Spirit.’

The distillery produces some truly fabulous flavours, from a smooth caramel vodka to a pretty pink gin with subtle notes of peach and cherry. All their spirits are free from any additives, artificial nasties or gluten. Another brilliant element of Wild Knight is that they are a company full of local pride, with all their products distilled by hand in Norfolk with Norfolk grown ingredients.

They even have a range of ‘Boadicea Gin’, which is a fitting tribute to Queen Boadicea, the ruler of the ancient Iceni tribe of East Anglia. The gorgeous Boadicea bottles are brightly coloured and are decorated with pewter triple spirals, powerful symbols of the tribe.

Wild Knight spirits are as delicious as they are historic, winning a gold medal in the World Vodka Awards and multiple accolades in the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

As you can see, Norfolk is a goldmine of diverse, handcrafted, authentic products. Whatever the future brings the ‘Norfolk Spirit’ will thrive and survive. Enjoy a gift voucher for 10% off Foras products with every purchase of Bullards or Wild Knight – you too can help keep the ‘Norfolk Spirit’ alive.

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