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Gift Wrap

Giving can truly be more rewarding than receiving and there is nothing more enjoyable  than watching your recipient’s curiosity and anticipation as they peel away the patterned paper concealing their present. This desire to hide a gift’s identity until the right moment brought about the wonderful art of gift wrapping, which has been around for many ages. The use of wrapping paper was first documented in ancient China in the second century B.C.! The wrapping on a gift is just as important as the present itself, like the icing on a cake!


Gift wrapWith the ongoing pandemic keeping people apart, sending gifts has become a way to spread cheer and stay close to one another. To enhance the experience of giving and receiving, we have brought in luxury gift wrap option for many of our products, giving a special Foras touch to presents. Made from crisp brown kraft paper, our gift wrap will give your offering a rustic feel and vintage look. Patterned with our bold signature F logo, which was originally designed to be carved from stone, Foras gift wrap is unique and authentic, adding class and elegance to any present. Finished with luxurious silk black and gold ribbon and hand-crafted decorative bow, our gift wrap will intensify your recipient’s feelings of wonder and excitement. As well as having a stylish appearance, our wrapping gives presents a personal touch. Attached with ribbon is our classic Foras gift tag which is decorated with stylish artwork created at the birth of the company for our vintage planters which we have been producing for 15 years.


Each gift is also enhanced with a genuine wax seal. Historic and fascinating, seals date back to the earliest civilizations, where they were originally engraved on stone cylinders that were used to authenticate clay tablets. Wax seals became popular after the invention of paper and were used by people in positions of power like royals, monarchs, and bishops to sign contracts and agreements. Our Foras seals are created by hand with our engraved brass stamps using our distinctive company name or logo using the traditional method of melting coloured wax, pouring the molten mixture onto the gift, and stamping it.


Nelson's Gold Gift Set

We have selected key products from our gift list as part of our ‘gift wrap story’ to make giving and receiving the best experience possible. As well as presents to brighten the home and garden, you can also gift wrap our selection of locally produced gin and vodka. Nelson’s Gold Caramalised Vodka  and our exclusive Vestry candle can be wrapped in one of our exclusive black FSC approved pine presentation cases, which are finished with a pewter Wild Knight shield to match that on the bottle. Our Foras presentation box, made using the black FSC approved pine, is decorated with a Foras engraved brass plaque and can be teamed with all our single bottle artisan gins. If you cannot choose one just one variety of Wild Knight gin or vodka, why not give a tempting taster set of three different flavours.









Gift Wrap



Foras Greetings Cards

Why not add one of our exclusive greeting cards to your order. These are printed on luxury card with artwork by a local Norfolk artist and can be handwritten with your own message.




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