Product Guarantees

Any burner, lantern wood product requiring * replacement, repair, credit or refund against the product will be given at our discretion for 12 months after purchase date and will be dependent on the nature of the defect.

All product guarantees or warranties are subject to correct use of the product, in accordance with our or the manufacturers guidelines and will be invalidated for misuse, for example incorrect installation or unsuitable environmental conditions.

Defects or damage that are due to faulty installation, operating errors or non-use of Foras components, as well as insufficient care, or for example, due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents or neglected maintenance, non-intended use, damage, impact, the effects of freezing, etc. cutting off the plug, shortening the cable, calcium deposits or improper repair attempts, do not fall under the protection of the guarantee.

Please see our product Characteristics and Returns Policy.

All our pumps, fountain heads, lights and Fire Pit Burner are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee of various lengths and inclusiveness. Please refer to the Product section below or ask a member of staff prior to purchase so that you can be provided with correct and complete information.

Product Characteristics

The nature of our natural stone or slate products means that the look, tone and texture may vary resulting in the actual physical stone differing in appearance from that photographed in our brochure. On our website or any other marketing material.

The goods are sold on the express understanding that they are natural stone or slate which are subject to natural formation characteristics, variations in colour, texture and markings and are all part of the natural stone.

Sea Salt Slate Bowl contains resin which is affected by UV from sunlight: When the bowl is not running as a water feature whether to clean the reservoir / or if the pump has been switched off and the Sea salt feature is left dry the bowl will require protective covering throughout this duration until you are running your feature once again.

Our Vintage Styled Products are artisan products which are hand finished and will vary in colour, markings. This collection is sold with the understanding that they display individual characteristics and will oxidise over time which are part of the distressed charm of the product.

Our Pump / Sea Salt Fountain Head Guarantee

With the purchase of a Foras Water Feature you have made a conscientious decision for top quality, optimal convenience, low power consumption, a long service life and maximum safety. You will be extremely satisfied with the products for many years to come.

Foras grants a manufacturer’s 1 to 3 year guarantee under the conditions cited below; the guarantee period is designated on a product-specific basis.

The designated guarantee period starts with the first-time new product purchase from Foras or through a Foras stockist. In the event of subsequent sale the guarantee period does not start over again from the beginning. Through guarantee performances the guarantee period will neither be extended nor start over again, nor do legal claims for guarantee performance occur.

If the content of the guarantee is not specified separately, Foras grants a guarantee in the scope cited below: The prerequisite for claiming any guarantee, including the extension guarantee* is that in the case of parts replacement / repair, the customer must have properly installed spare parts exclusively for any repair or remediation. Any guarantee is invalidated if products from other manufacturers are used.

If the pump or fountain type in question is no longer manufactured, we reserve the right, at our discretion to deliver a replacement device from our product line that most nearly approaches the type that is the object of the guarantee claim. Reimbursement of expenses for removal and installation, inspection, claims for lost profit and compensation for damages are not covered by the guarantee, nor are more extensive claims for damages and losses, regardless of type, that have been caused by the device or its use.

The guarantee only applies for the country in which the product was purchased from Foras or one of our stockists. In accordance with these conditions, German law shall apply for this manufacturer’s guarantee, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

The legal rights of the purchaser, particularly arising from the warranty, shall continue in effect and are not limited by this guarantee.

Defects or damage that are due to faulty installation or operating errors, as well as insufficient care, or for example, due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents or neglected maintenance, non-intended use, damage, impact, the effects of freezing, etc. cutting off the plug, shortening the cable, calcium deposits or improper repair attempts, do not fall under the protection of the guarantee.

With regard to intended use we refer you to the use instructions, compliance with which is the basic prerequisite for a guarantee claim. Parts subject to wear are expressly not part of this guarantee.

Parts subject to wear are specified in the instructions for use of the products.

If there is a guarantee case please contact Foras or your stockist that sold the product to you. If this possibility does not exist, then claims arising from the guarantee can be made binding by shipping the device or the parts in question to the manufacturer at your expense, together with the original purchase receipt from Foras or our stockist, the guarantee certificate, as well as written information about the claimed defect.

Product Guarantee 
Pump 600 – 2 Years, extended warranty n/a
Pump 1200 – 2 Years, extended warranty n/a
Pump 1500 – 3 Years, extended warranty – 2 Years (Available on completion of the manufacturer’s warranty online or by completing and returning the warranty card)

Pump 2000 – 2 Years, extended warranty n/a
Pump 3000 – 2 Years, extended warranty n/a
Pump 3500 – 3 Years, extended warranty –  2 Years (Available on completion of the manufacturer’s warranty online or by completing and returning the warranty card)
Pump 4000 – 3 Years, extended warranty –  2 Years (Available on completion of the manufacturer’s warranty online or by completing and returning the warranty card)

Pump 5000 – 2 Years Not Applicable

Sea Salt 9000 Fountain Head – 1 Year, extended warranty n/a

Extended warranty only applicable to pumps 1500/3500/4000

The prerequisite for claiming the Extension Guarantee is that the customer must completely register on the internet within the legal guarantee period of two years from the initial purchase date.

Lighting Products Guarantee

Foras provide a one year manufacturer’s guarantee for our Belmont LED lighting products and a two year manufacturer’s guarantee for the Classic Led Set of 3

Guarantee services will be provided only if the original invoice is presented with the defective product within the guarantee period.

Foras may refuse guarantee service if these documents are not available.

The guarantee does not cover transport costs and risks associated with transport to and from our company instructions.

This guarantee does not cover:

  • Periodic maintenance, the repair or replacement of parts due to wear and tear
  • Consumables
  • Damage caused by use or treatment of the product inconsistent with normal use
  • Damage or changes to the product as a result of: Misuse, including – treatment resulting in physical, cosmetic or surface damage or changes to the product failure to install or use the product for its normal purpose or in accordance with the installation guidelines
  • Installation or use of the product in a manner inconsistent with the technical or safety laws or standards in the country where it is installed or used
  • Use of the product with accessories, peripheral equipment and or other products of a type, condition and standard other than those recommended by Foras
  • Repair or attempted repair by persons will invalidate the guarantee
  • Accident, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, vibrations, excessive heat, improper ventilation, power surges, excess or incorrect supply or input voltage, radiation and other external forces and impacts.

Fire Burner Element Guarantee

To validate the manufacturer’s warranty for the burner elements, you must return the registration card enclosed in the box upon purchase.

All Gas Fire Pit Burners delivered to a UK mainland address are covered by the manufacturer’s 12 month return to base limited warranty. Should you have any problems, please use the contact details at the back of the instruction manual. Please quote your Foras Invoice Number and serial number (which can be found on the label on the control box).

The manufacturer makes every effort to ensure all fire pit burner elements leaving the factory are in perfect working order. Each burner is ‘burn tested’, to ensure it functions safely and correctly. Due to the nature of the product, problems can be caused during the installation process, which are not covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.

To return your fire pit burner you must first obtain a returns number. Goods returned without a valid returns number will be rejected.

  • Return to base warranty warrants the fire pit to the end user, against defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year, which begins on your date of purchase
  • Under a return to base warranty the end user is responsible for the cost of packaging and shipping the unit to us. We are not liable if the machine is improperly packed resulting in damage during transit. Please retain all original packaging together with the manuals as this will assist in returning the burner elements in the correct packaging.
  • The manufacturer will rectify the fault within a reasonable amount of time from the point of receipt
  • The Return to Base warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of product and do not apply to any: Improper & inadequate maintenance or modification. Repairs carried out by non-authorised persons. Damage caused by improper handling or installation. Operation outside the product specifications. Physical damage, accidental damage, neglect or user abuse. Normal and tear.
  • If there is no fault found or the problem has been caused by a third party installer, user error or physical damage and any reasons stated in section 4, a no fault found charge may be applied, you will be emailed and phoned by the manufacturer to confirm this charge within 7 days of the item being tested, you will also be charged return carriage for the return of your burner elements.