The F team

The F Team

The team here at Foras are very much a part of the product offering and experience. You cannot have exclusive, interesting products if you do not have knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient staff to help you decide and to buy the product that will enhance your home and garden forevermore. Your spaces are your sanctuary; we must get it as right as we can. Just like our products we at team F have our own exclusiveness, quirks, features, and skills. Not all the team are mentioned here but without them all, Foras would not be the company it is today. Every person involved makes the recipe work, from the office to the gardeners, to the creative and technical, to the warehouse and distribution: it is what makes us create and deliver what we do.

John and Claire are the Directors and founders of the business. John has a background in agriculture which is supported by Claire with her background in buying, sales, and marketing. Two competencies that came together to create Foras – Latin for outside.

John - Foras



John’s passion is creative design, planting, and materials. He has many remits within the business, but the areas he enjoys the most are creating garden features with amazing form and functionality and ensuring our Foras showrooms are a picturesque destination showcasing all our products in beautiful settings. This helps customers build ideas and creativity, inspiring them to design their home or garden. Both the showroom locations, Stowbridge (head office) and Burnham Market, make the shopping experience different, enjoyable, and safe.

John’s other passion is sourcing tiles and paving from mines and kilns worldwide to compliment the Foras home and garden offering. John has travelled the world procuring our extensive range of natural stone and quality porcelains, using his ‘sixth sense’ for materials, colours, finishes, and dimensions. This enables Foras to provide a great choice of quality and designer products to suit any home, garden, or trade customer

His extensive product knowledge and love of design mean that he can help your dream theme come to fruition for any project, inside or outside your home.

Claire - Foras



Claire has a background in international procurement, with extensive experience in bringing products to market from the original source right through to the delivery to the customer. Sourcing and selecting her own products for her own company has been a dream of hers from a very young age. She initially realised her dream early on in her career, working with many of the large blue-chip retailers before going it alone. Claire is focused on the Foras ‘Norfolk Born’ brand but more importantly for her is the Foras product offering of choice, quality, and customer service. Whilst the digital on-line shop is a major part of the business, she is very focused on keeping the physical touch and tactility aspect of the products at the forefront of its offering. The showrooms and gardens allow customers from all over the country to enjoy the unique experience of seeing everything in amazing landscaped gardens with fully working water features teamed with the walls and floors tiling range in their well-stocked showroom.

Kellie - Foras


General Manager

Now into my 6th year with Foras, I suppose I am considered the mother of the team – always looking out for everyone and making sure they are ok!

With a background in sales, everything from insurance to books to skincare, I joined Team F in the summer of 2014 to help prepare and launch their eagerly awaited second showroom in Burnham Market.

After a couple of years running the new showroom, I decided that I needed more of a challenge so hot-footed it back to HQ and into the thick of things again.

This ultimately resulted in being appointed General Manager for the business, probably because I am annoyingly organised with great attention to detail.

I am definitely a people person which has helped me to build great relationships with both the team and my clients, I never want to let anybody down so will always go that extra mile, and my regular customers know this about me.

I am passionate about our business and especially about our product, I cannot visit a bar or restaurant without checking out the tiles in the bathrooms!

My aim in life is simple, give 100% all of the time, and good things will happen.

Jenny - Foras



Born in London. Raised in Suffolk. Buyer at Foras.

They say a Jack of all trades is a master of none, though I would counter that is no flaw. My career has encompassed purchasing, office duties, transport booking, pallet packing, product design and assembly, Solidworks CAD and CFD, antique glass restoration, kitchen design, and now, buying. Life is always a lesson and I aim to learn as much as possible. Away from work I have many hobbies; model engineering is my main passion and my 4” scale McLaren traction engine (built from scratch over 11 years) is a testament to that. I am also an artist and avid collector of all things antiquated, including my house, a rather tumbledown affair which I am slowly restoring. Learning again. Tiling, hanging wallpaper, laying floors, plumbing, and plastering . . . nothing is impossible, you just haven’t learnt how to do it yet!

Foras is vibrant, stimulating, nurtures a family feel and I feel thoroughly at home. My role as buyer affords the opportunity to see products through from concept to launch as well as becoming involved with all aspects of business (inherent to the nature of a family company); no two days are the same. I look forward continuing to develop and grow with Foras into the future.

Gemma - Foras


Sales & Business Supervisor

With a background in both Sales and Administration, my combined role at Foras suits me perfectly. Based in the office at Stowbridge, my role as Sales Administrator has quickly developed into so much more, encompassing account management, website development, and merchandising.

Born and bred in Norfolk, I have found great satisfaction in working for a local, family-run business (instead of the larger corporations which I have been used to), where everyone can have an input into not only the day to day running of the business but also the development of new products, planning of events and promotions and so much more.

Vic - Foras


Sales Project Manager

Having worked for Foras when I was in my early twenties, I was delighted to rejoin a great team and a beautiful brand once again earlier this year. The business is bigger and better than I left it with hundreds of great products added to the range.

Both the business and my own personal life have moved forward in the interim years. I work part-time for Foras with the rest of my time made up by being Mummy to my daughter. I also enjoy sewing and volunteer for the National Childbirth Trust in my spare time.

Lewis - Foras


Warehouse Supervisor

The youngest member of the Foras family, at 22 years old, I have worked my way up from yard duties to warehouse supervisor in just 3 years.

I enjoy my varied role, which allows me plenty of time outside and includes checking in containers, picking and packing customer orders, and assisting in the maintenance of our extensive showroom and gardens.

Despite being notoriously injury-prone, I spend much of my spare time playing football with my local team in Norfolk and also enjoy socialising with my friends.