New For 2020- Solstice 60 Glass Water Feature Kit


Our new and exciting water feature for 2020, the Solstice features a hand blown glass globe with integral light creating a stunning piece, completely unique to Foras.

The beautiful glass globe fills up with water which then flows out of the top of the feature and coats the globe, enhancing the glass and reflecting light from all angles. The water then continues down to the hand cut Italian porcelain pool which cups the water to create a pool before it falls into the reservoir below.

Available in two finishes, the Athena displays hand-etched lines, while the Hebe has circular pools in a symmetrical pattern. Once you have selected your globe, you also have a choice of five different pebble styles to accompany your feature.

Named after the spiritual Solstice event due to it’s shape and bright moon effect in the evening, this ethereal water feature would be a natural, calming addition for any garden space.

Hand made to order, a wait time of approximately 4 weeks applies to this product.


68 kg


L 90 x W 90 x H 80 cm

New For 2020- Solstice 60 Glass Water Feature Kit