Uber Fusion Luminar


This item will be released August 31, 2021.

*excludes bespoke and sale items



Coming soon to Foras for 2021!

Brand New and Exclusive to Foras for Summer 2021, the Uber Fusion Luminar features our iconic Fusion globe upgraded with a stunning new copper edged LED light ring for customers looking for an even brighter Fusion experience

Designed and part-assembled by hand by the team here at Foras, the highest quality components and LED lights combine to make this stunning new water feature a sight to behold.

Beautiful when viewed during the day, the Uber Fusion Luminar really shines when the sun goes down and the entire globe lights up with a stunning bright light reminiscent of the fullest brightest moon, also know by the astronomical term ‘Supermoon’ – an impressive natural phenomenon which is only visible three to four times a year.

Encased in epoxy resin and edged with genuine copper the 12 super bright LED’s have a 120 degree beam which illuminates the entire globe – Go Big. Go Bright. Go UBER!

This is the perfect solution if you want a simple installation that you can do yourself. No need to call in the landscapers with lifting equipment for the Uber Fusion Luminar; the heaviest part is the decorative pebbles!

Your Uber Fusion Luminar Pebble Pool Water Feature Kit Includes:

  • 87cm reservoir with stainless steel grid and access hatch
  • Reservoir Support Pipe
  • 60cm acrylic globe
  • 1200 litre per hour pump
  • 1 metre of pipe
  • 1 round stone base connected to steel base and plastic collar with LED light fitted
  • Plug
  • 3 bags of pebbles – choice of 6 colours
  • Installation instructions
  • Care and maintenance guide

Choose from 6 pebble styles to complement your feature-

Keep your water feature looking it’s best all year round with our Chlorine Tablets – Simply pop one tablet into the reservoir once a month to maintain your feature.

Please Note : We are currently anticipating delivery of the Uber Fusion Luminar in August 2021

Please Note : Waterbox pictured is not included – For the customer who would prefer not to dig, the Uber Fusion Luminar is compatible with our Waterbox 870 Portable Reservoir Solution



35 kg


L 60 x W 60 x H 85 cm


  • Specific components supplied with your Water Feature Kit which are fit for purpose
  • Larger reservoirs for larger products
  • Installation instructions and full technical support with every product
  • Manufacturers component parts warranties
  • Highest grade natural stone which reflects in the strata and patination
  • Hardwired pumps (not solar) for better, consistent water flow and effect
  • Support components included for heavier water features
  • We produce and import our own goods, we are not a third party distributor
  • We hold stock you don’t have to wait
  • An amazing Norfolk showroom for you to see our water features running
  • Visit us to choose your personal piece
  • Bespoke and personalisation options available
  • Individual flow valves to create your required flow speed
  • Marine grade steel components fabricated uniquely to Foras
  • High quality and reliable German engineered pumps
  • Please Note: weight quoted is for the feature only and does not include the entire kit

Uber Fusion Luminar

*excludes bespoke and sale items



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