Aspen Bird Feeder


The Aspen bird feeder is a classic bottle shape, the glass is hand-blown so each one is subtly unique. The metal base comes in a range of eye-catching colours which will work well with any garden scheme; it has been designed to provide a large feeding area whilst remaining easy to clean. Very bijou.

  • Very lightweight
  • Good feed level visibility
  • Integral hanging loop
  • Available in 7 exciting colour variations

Special occasion? A personalised greetings card and message can be included with your order!

Note: For the hygiene and bird safety we would recommend cleaning your feeder with regularly with disinfectant, moving the placement within your garden and keeping a close watch on seed consumption to avoid over filling.

Please Note: Our bird feeders are coated and painted but cannot be guaranteed against rust and rusting will not constitute grounds for return. Our Genuine Copper Aspen Bird Feeder 
is however formed from a precious metal and is therefore rust resistant.




0.4 kg


L 125 x W 125 x H 195 cm


Integral chains for hanging

Easy to clean and maintain

Simple to re-fill feed

Rolled tray edges offering comfort for tiny feet!

Drainage holes to avoid wet feed

Great choice of styles and colours

Aspen Bird Feeder

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  1. Gary William CHALLINOR

    I like foras products …

  1. Gary William CHALLINOR

    I like foras products …

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