Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

Get yourself a Tree!

Running from 2nd – 5th June, the Foras Fen Glade Festival is timed to coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and launches Foras’ spectacular natural woodland. To celebrate, we are offering the opportunity to acquire a native tree which can be pre-ordered at or purchased at our Fen Glade Festival. Research by the Woodland Trust shows that the UK is one of the least forested nations in Europe with just 13% of the country wooded, compared to an average of 35%. The county of Norfolk is even sparser with only 9% tree cover, we hope to play a small part in raising that figure!

The young trees will be potted in quality compost inside one of our vintage Keswick planters to take home and nurture. Plant out in your own garden or, if you lack the space for a tree, visit Foras on one of our tree planting days in October! Sections within our Fen Glade woods are set aside for planting. If you are a keen gardener, we will also be offering our trees bagged plugs, ready for collection at our Festival, they can be planted out straight away. Trees cannot be sent out for delivery, they must be collected from our Stowbridge showgardens. Visit to read about the drive to ‘plant a tree for the Jubilee’ and once planted, register, and plot your tree on the canopy map.


Order online at


Naturally compact with beautiful blossoms and perfect for a smaller space. Happiest in moist, well-drained soil. Hardy and easy to care for.


This pollutant-tolerant tree is perfect for urban environments, ideal for courtyards. The Rowan is one of our prettiest native varieties.


Traditionally used to form fencing, baskets and boat frames, this fascinating tree variety is associated in Celtic lore with wisdom and inspiration.

Silver Birch

A striking tree, the Silver Birch tree is characterized by stark white bark, it is a minimal maintenance tree requiring nothing more than light pruning.

Wild Cherry

With white blooms and bright red cherries this tree is attractive to wildlife, although the seeds and pips of the cherry are poisonous if crushed and swallowed!

Douglas Fir

A fragrant home for wildlife, the Douglas fir is not just for Christmas. First introduced in the 1800s it provides homes for the likes of red squirrels and pine martens.


Bespoke Engraved Pebble

There has never been a better time to plant a tree and here are a few reasons to get involved at the Fen Glade Festival:

  • Trees provide nesting sites and food for wildlife including bees, insects and birds.
  • Trees are a proven natural stress reducer, promoting good mental health.
  • Combats climate change and improve air quality, absorbing CO2 and nitrogen oxides.
  • Half the tree sales profits will be donated to Queen’s Green Canopy partner The Tree Council (charity no 279,000) supporting the ‘1 Million Trees for Norfolk’ project.


Securing a healthy specimen is the first step of planning to plant your tree. Woodlands take a lot of work to keep them healthy, we are clearing and maintaining some areas of the wood to allow the established trees to flourish. We are also preparing an area for new trees!


Young trees can be purchased as plug plants to plant straight away or bare roots balls, which are dormant. Bare root trees must be planted in ‘season’ between October and March. This gives the tree time to strengthen before the growing season starts. A happy tree needs plenty of light and water, a hole deep enough to fit all the tree’s roots and a guard or spiral around the stem to protect from unwanted pests.


In Summer, young trees need watering 2-3 times a week. During Autumn/Winter less watering is required however still a necessity. Weed around the tree to ensure that it receives maximum light and nutrients. A great way to retain moisture and prevent weed growth is to surround it with mulch – a tree care kit will be available to buy at the festival!


A tree is forever, make a special memory of the event by placing a pebble or personalised limestone plaque beside your newly planted sapling. You can order your pebble or plaque using our order form leaflet (available at various outlets throughout Norfolk) during the festival itself or by filling out this online form